Saturday, April 12, 2014

Estonian Rapture

Hi friends!
Spring is welcome here finally!! I am so happy to see the pussy willows and Robins!  And here in Maine with all its snow--I can see land!!! Ha Ha!

This winter and spring I have been enraptured by Estonian lace knit stitches. So, being inspired by that, I have designed some scarves and a dainty shawl with some of those lovely stitches!  They are all available in my pattern stores in Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy!

Here to start is my lacy scarf--Airy Leaves Lace Scarf. It is so pretty once its is blocked out to open up the lace! Next, I have the Grape Ivy Lace Scarf. It has lovely leaves running up through it! It would be pretty in any color!

Then we have the Estonian Fantasy Lace Scarf worked in a tonal lace weight yarn. It features lots of nupps, which are really quite fun to knit once you get the hang of it, a lovely diamond lace with fern sides. It is so pretty in the yarn from Knitpicks. I really enjoyed this scarf so much.

And one of my favorite works of art--Estonian Enchantment Shawl! I am so pleased with the finished look of this shawl. It looked bunchy when I was knitting it, but after it was blocked--WOW! It is just so gorgeous! This was knitted in lace weight yarn as well, and it is dainty and fit for a bride!

If you would like more information on any of these patterns that sell for $3.99 each you can check out these links to my stores. You will be able to see more pictures of each of these patterns!

Monday, February 10, 2014

New patterns for the new year!

Greetings everyone!
I cant believe its almost Valentines Day and I haven't been on here for awhile!  I have been real busy finishing up some WIP's scarf designs, which I will show you here!

There are a few patterns for us to catch up on! You can also find them in Ravelry, Craftsy or Etsy for purchase.All patterns sell for $3.99 unless they are the free ones.

To start here is the "Easy Mock Entrelac Neck Warmer." This is a really fun to knit pattern which could easily use up odds and ends of your leftover yarns. It is knit in sport weight, but could be done in worsted weight too!

Next we have the "Spring Garland Scarf." This is a matching scarf to the "HOLIDAY GARLAND WRAP." The pattern features garlands of leaves and lace. It is lovely in its green color!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas! A free gift for your--My Bohus Experiment Hat--free pattern!

Merry Christmas to all!
Here is my gift for the season--a free pattern!

This hat was an experiment in Bohus knitting. Bohus is Swedish color knitting which involves pretty color changes with purl stitches placed strategically through out pattern. It is very pretty. The hat pattern involves simple ribbing to start, then the Bohus stitch pattern is worked with bands of colors bordering it. then the simple to work top decreases. It is knit in the round as well.

You can find the pattern in Ravelry and Craftsy for free. And in Etsy it sells for .20 cents! Here are links:

Here are a few pictures:

Happy Holidays to all with this lovely new wrap--Holiday Garland Wrap

Hello everyone!
Seasons greetings to all this wintery December! I have a fair idea we just might have a white Christmas after all! At least here in Maine!

Check out my new design for the holidays!  A lovely wrap or stole which features garlands of leaves and an intricate lace border design which came out just beautiful. Make this wrap to wear for those holiday events!  It would also work well for a spring or summer wrap with its delicate lace. It was fairly quick to knit, the border is a pattern that requires a little more concentration since it has lace patterning on every row. But after that the main body of the design is quick to knit and easy to memorize.

You can find this pattern in my Etsy, Craftsy or Ravelry shops. Here are links to all:

Here are some pictures:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sailing Seaman's Scarf and a pretty sunset!

Hi everyone!
I just finished a new scarf for December! This is a little different from some of my other scarves as it is knitted in the seaman's scarf tradition.  It really knits up quickly and is so fun to do. There is only one slightly complicated area of the scarf to knit and the rest is very easy! There are charts as well as written directions.

You can find this pattern for sale through Cratsy, Etsy or Ravelry.  Here are links:

There are pictures of the scarf posted here, and just for your enjoyment a gorgeous November sunset that I took pictures of last week!! It was a cold day and the colors were fantastic!  Enjoy all!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Penny's Peony Lace Scarf--A new scarf for November!!

Hi everyone!
Wow, the weather is cold!! I nearly froze my fingers off trying to take pictures of my new scarf out in that brisk wind!
This new scarf I have dedicated to my friend Penny who dearly adores scarves.  I made it extra-long as per her wishes! She love to wrap them around her neck! She is a very sweet woman who is so dedicated to her work and her family!

You can find the pattern for this scarf in my Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy stores.  Here are links to find it:

Here are a few pictures: