Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Knit up some Valentines Day Scarves with these patterns!

Hi everyone!
I guess I haven't been blogging for a while!
I thought I would get a jump start on Valentines Day with my new scarf,  And also show you some of my scarf designs from previous years.  Every year I try to design a new scarf for Valentines Day!  It is really fun to see what I can come up with and I just love to knit hearts!

They can all be found in my Ravelry, Craftsy or Etsy pattern stores!




This is my latest pattern for 2015!  YOU'RE IN MY HEART SCARF! (worsted weight yarn)

Next is the pattern for 2014; FRAMED HEARTS VALENTINE SCARF (fingering weight yarn)

Then I have the 2013 scarf: SWEETHEART VALENTINE SCARF  (fingering weight yarn)

And also in 2013 I designed a pretty green scarf with hearts that would look so lovely in red or pink:
MY IRISH HEART LACE SCARF  (lace weight yarn)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My story and some knitting patterns for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!

Hello everyone!
This month is breast cancer awareness month. I have a few designs of my own that I have made because I am a breast cancer patient.  Each one of my patterns has a story relating to this awful cancer.

I had, during my 50th year, breast cancer (5 years ago). I had to go through a long ordeal as many of you have done yourselves. I thought the battle was over and that I was cancer free and I felt good, though not as strong as before.  I had a lot of struggles over the last years because all that chemo, radiation and lumpectomies sap your strength. But as a CANCER WARRIOR I felt that I would prevail.  I was taking Tamoxifen which is an Estrogen blocker (my cancer was Estrogen positive) for the last 4 1/2 years and I thought that I might be safe because of it.

But now at 55, sorry to say, I wasnt. Instead the breast cancer got into the bone of my left arm and destroyed a good piece of it. I was unaware that the awful and increasing pain that I was experiencing over those last 6 months (before April of this year) was in fact not a simple muscle pain or arthritis but the dreaded cancer.

It was discovered and investigated with lots of tests and finally a bone biopsy to be my breast cancer gone over into the bone (a common place that breast cancer likes to invade).  I am now at STAGE 4 BREAST CANCER.  It is incurable and I am having treatments such as radiation and hormone treatments and bone remodifying drugs to help with the cancer.

My bone in my arm was very fragile, so I was pulled out of my job as a CNA in a nursing home because of impending fracture.  My arm did indeed break only 3 days before I was to have a  rod put in to support my arm.  The pain was extreme and I had to spend 4 1/2 days in the hospital and have surgery finally.

After that I had the radiation and am still having physical therapy. I have to have my bone therapy injection every month.

This is quite a battle I am fighting, and currently I am feeling better now that radiation is done, and I am getting past some of the awful fatigue. In the meantime I am so thankful that I can knit and work on my designs as a knitting pattern designer. I dont have my job anymore, so at least I feel like I am still a productive part of society.

Each of these designs--like I said have a story of their own!

The first is my TERRY'S KINDNESS INFINITY SCARF.  This is a free pattern. I wanted it to be free to honor my dear friend who has taken me to so many of my therapy appointments and many tests and Dr visits. She has done this for me out of so much kindness in her heart. She has never expected or wanted any payment for helping me with all the gas she uses to drive me to so many places. She is a true friend and I am so glad to have gotten to know and love her!  She is a retired schoolteacher and still gives so much of her time to others.
The next one is called RHONDALY INFINITY SCARF.  This one is dedicated to another dear friend who has spent so much of her time driving me to appointments as well.  We have had a great time visiting and also going for walks around my yard. She had a gadget that measured how far we walked so that I knew how far to go on my own to measure a 10th of a mile.  I am supposed to walk to build up my strength and bones. But with the fatigue I had this summer it was hard to go far.  This gave me encouragement to try to see how many 10ths of a mile I could go and maybe go a little more each time.  Thank you Rhonda!! Earlier this summer after my surgery and during the radiation treatments I was lucky to walk 1 mile the whole month!!  I am up to about 2 miles a week now!!

The next scarf is called COURAGE LACE SCARF!  This scarf represented my courage!  One day, I was feeling discouraged.  I had been having tests done on my arm, and I found out it was so bad and being taken out of my job with no pay, and having all these difficult things to think about, I was getting depressed. So, I told myself--lets get cheered up!! And the one thing that really cheers me up and occupies my mind so entirely is to work on the charts for a new design.  So I got all happy again, working on this new pink scarf! I named it courage because so many people with stage 4 cancer are scared and the fear of dying a horrible drawn out death from cancer is uppermost in their minds when they first find out about their sickness.  They need courage!
Wow, I have been busy!  Knitting keeps me going!
Next are some of my hat and scarf patterns! The patterns with the hats and scarves are ones that I knitted up for myself 5 years ago when I was bald and so cold from the chemotherapy.This pattern I named-SUPER SOFT CHEMO HATS AND SCARVES.I wore these hats all day long in the house. I could not stand the cold. I still have them just in case I do have to end up having chemo again in my future!! I am hoping not--but if I have to I will do it again!  At least I would know what to expect!!

 I just finished this new hat pattern yesterday. The hat itself will be donated to the cancer department at the hospital where I am treated. The new pattern is called--COMFY SOFT CHEMO HAT. I discovered in my own experience that using baby sport weight yarn that was soft felt the best on my very sensitive scalp. It is also very light weight and doesnt feel tight on the bare skin. When you lose your hair, your scalp suffers too.

Here I am this year with my hair!!

I have also designed some scarves for my Radiation therapists and my physcial therapist. I have one more almost finished for my radiation therapist which is not show here. The first 2 are for the women and the blue is for the man (PT). They are all very gentle and kind and caring people who are very dedicated to their patients and who make the time spent with them a good time. Even though I was in pain--I could tell that they cared.


All these patterns can be found in Ravelry Craftsy or Etsy pattern shops.
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall is here in Maine--some pretty leaves and some pretty leafy scarves!

Hi my friends!
Its already fall in full force here in Maine!  The leaves are getting prettier by the hour around my neighborhood! I love to see the changes each day in my yard--which you all know has some pretty enchanting nooks in it! I went around and found, with my Mom who is visiting up here from down south, a variety of leaves in colors to show you!

There are quite a few pictures in todays blog to show you so be sure to keep looking all the way down through to the links to my stores!!!

And here are some views of some trees nearby...

A little earlier in the day we took a ride to town and on the way home took the scenic road with a lovely overlook of the WEST PARIS  area of western Maine!  What a gorgeous day is is!  The sky is so pretty with the blustery wind blowing away the storm clouds from the weekend!

I wanted to re-share with you some pictures of some of my scarves which I have designed over the last year or two which have lots of leaves.  I thought you might be inspired to check them out as they would make lovely fall colored scarves with their own fancy leaf pattern!  Even though some could just as well be great for spring and are green--please feel inspired by those fabulous fall shades!




ALL THESE PATTERNS FOR THESE SCARVES CAN BE FOUND IN MY RAVELRY, CRAFTSY OR ETSY PATTERN STORES!  Please check out these patterns as well as lots of others in these stores--all available for sale through Paypal!  You can even find a few free patterns for download!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Designer gift scarves created for good friends!

Hi everyone!
I have been busy writing up some new patterns! The first one is for my Radiation Therapist Theresa who was very gentle and kind to me while I had my radiation treatments for 5 weeks. This scarf worked up beautiful in the soft and light Sirdar yarn which I found to be a delight to work with. It really enhanced the pattern! The pattern is quite fancy and very lacy!
I named it Theresa's Lacy Scarf.
The second one is a free pattern that I dedicated to another dear friend who adopted me to be her little sister--Terry! This one is an infinity scarf which really knits easily and can be taken on the road as well!  I named this one Terry's Kindness Infinity Scarf!

You can find both patterns in my Ravelry and Craftsy stores and the first one is for sale also in my Etsy store!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My new patterns inspired by the tropics and fancy stitches!

Hi there!
Whew! This summer is going fast! I hope that everyone is having a great summer and doing some fun things!
I am feeling better these days and have been inspired by pretty yarns and fancy stitches! Here are two of my latest knitting works!
First we have the tropics inspired scarf knit with a gorgeous colorway from Red Heart Super Saver yarns--Banana Berry! I do so love the colors of this yarn and have really enjoyed knitting different things with it such as socks. Now I just had to design a super easy scarf with an addicting, and interesting pattern stitch. It is called--"My Secret Lagoon Scarf."

Next is the delicate beauty of the "Raspberry Leaf Cowl!" I just love how the beautiful pattern is so enhanced by the gorgeous pink yarn!

You can find both of these patterns for sale in my Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy stores.  Here are links to the stores:

Here are pictures!